Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Come to the Edge

Christina Haag grew up on the Upper East Side of New York with all the other privileged prep school kids. Acting saved her from the normal doldrums of teens just seeking out the next big party. A closeness grew between John F. Kennedy Jr. and Christina that started out just being part of the same friend group - summers at the same parties and invites to the poshest events. Ten years later after both attending Brown and sharing a deep passion for the theater, they finally began their real life love affair. Even though it was difficult for someone in the public eye, as John most certainly was, to be considered a “boyfriend” the two shared a deep, very close and passionate friendship. Christina knew his family, his friends and most importantly, what often happens with childhood friends, she seemed to know a part of the real John that very few understood. It is only later after their relationship had long been over that he married and was much too soon killed in a tragic plane crash that to this day seems unreal. This book was written 8 years ago and I picked it up on a whim. Having always been saddened by the Kennedy’s fate and closely followed this handsome son - I was intrigued to view the story from the point of view of a someone so dear to him. Both simply and beautifully written, Christina shares her heartbreaking story of love and friendship and destiny.

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