Saturday, July 28, 2018

Girls Night Out

Three old friends get together for a few days in Mexico. A paradise vacation to reconnect and hopefully mend some past and present disagreements. Ashley and Natalie run a successful company together but are at odds regarding its future sale. Lauren, recently widowed has been distant for a year. The three women have wonderful memories of their college days but more recently shaky marriages and hidden betrayals have slowly dissolved the trust they once shared. Ashley, always the flirtatious leader of the trio quickly meets a handsome stranger who immerses himself in all of their plans and activities. One morning the girls awaken in a hazy fog most likely from drunken escapades the night before, to find Ashley is missing. Trying to remain calm they admit she may have spent the night with the handsome stranger but as they slowly investigate her whereabouts it becomes quite clear, foul play of some kind has transpired. The authorizes are contacted and everyone is a suspect until the truth and every secret they had each buried comes to light. This was a 3 star read for me. I like these authors but it was predictable and a bit repetitive. Easy read if you like these thriller type stories.

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