Friday, February 5, 2016

A Paris Apartment

April Vogt is on her way to Paris. As a furniture expert working
at one of the largest auction houses in New York City, an unbelievably rare opportunity has been presented by her boss - to authenticate items that have been locked away in an apartment since the war. April jumps at this chance, as a professional she is anxious to see what treasures await and frankly things with her beautiful banker husband have not been ideal. Maybe she is running away from family issues she'd rather not face or perhaps a break is exactly what they need. April becomes quite enamored with the handsome French solicitor Luc, who represents the heir of treasures. It turns out (irresistible) Luc understands her more than she imagined. Journals are discovered that are initially used to issue provenance but very quickly April is mesmerized by the mysterious life this woman left behind and she simply must know why this apartment of rarities has been so long abandoned. She is swept into a world of past and present that very well may affect her future, but Avril (as Luc calls her) cannot resist the temptations of the most romantic city in the world. This delicious, easy, well written read was unputdownable. I simply love everything French and for just a few days found myself visiting Paris. Merci Michelle Gable, I cannot wait to read your next novel!

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