Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our Souls at Night

Addie Moore walks right up to her neighbor Louis's door and
asks for what she wants. They are both widows in their early 70's. They have been neighbors in this small town of Holt, CO for years but don't know each other particularly well. They are both incredibly, heartbreakingly lonely. With the bravery of a twentysomething, Addie tells Louis that she would like to spend time with him and they arrange a schedule on a trial basis. Simultaneously, Addie's young grandson is left in her care for a few weeks while her own son is figuring out his own complicated marriage. The bravery - in this unlikely beautiful relationship, for two people that feel as if their lives are finished, is beautiful. And thoughtful. And meaningful, in so many ways. Unfortunately, the couple has to deal with the ridiculous nature of a town filled with gossips and antiquated opinions and eventually the pressure is just too much. This is author Kent Haruf's final storytelling, as he passed away last year. It is a small, quiet, beautiful story of friendship, love and life. And the author is clearly trying to tell us something. Highly recommend this incredibly unique, thought provoking read. Thank you Mr. Haruf, and you will be missed.

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