Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to be a Grown Up

Well, its summer and I needed to laugh out loud!
This fantastic new novel by the infamous authors of The Nanny Diaries was the perfect remedy! Rory McGovern is a stay at home mom in NYC. She married the man of her dreams, literally. Blake Turner was her crush poster on the wall (child actor!) and her secret college - I am watching you but never in 4 years never find the right time to approach - crush!! Post college they meet in NYC and they have a real connection and she is not quite as shy and he is quite that gorgeous up close. They have an adorable, needy 4 year old little girl and a 10 year old boy that is just on the cusp of thinking girls are not completely yucky. Unfortunately, the couple struggles financially. Blake's acting career is in a slump and Rory has not freelanced her set design skill much in years. Blake's solution is to revert to his childhood withdrawal syndrome, one of which Rory knew nothing about. Through humor (and I mean crack up, laughing out loud with the whole family staring - who is that woman in the kitchen?!) and heartfelt not so fictionalized storyline, Rory finds the strength and wisdom to overcome her fears, reboot her career and lean on some pretty awesome friends that are right there with a helping hand, babysitting services and shot of tequila. And while you're busy thoroughly laughing it starts to sink in that this is not so far fetched, that not all married couples stay together no matter how sincere their intentions are or were. I loved Rory and even her off the wall twentysomething boss Taylor who makes her life miserable. Once again these two fabulous friends and authors have hit the jackpot. Can't wait to see who stars in the film! Thanks Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus! #happysummer #unputdownable #laughoutloud #reading

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