Saturday, March 14, 2015

Find Me

Joy leads a secluded life working the night shift at a
grocery store outside Boston. She has no friends and no family. Everything about her entire existence is unreal to her. Her name is made up, her birthdate, imagined. Joy was left on the hospital steps as an infant. Abandoned and alone she has maneuvered her way through a difficult foster care system and now as a young adult finds herself as she first started out, completely alone and searching for some kind of acceptance in this world. There is a mysterious illness spreading and hundreds of thousands of people are losing their memories and dying. There is no cure and a small number of people are surprisingly immune. One day a strange man in a hazmat suit knocks on her door. Joy is asked to help scientists and doctors find a cure by studying her immunity. She is taken to a hospital in a remote part of Kansas. After months of stir crazy isolation and repetition in the hospital Joy makes an escape. She is in search of her mother for whom she has finally learned the identity. This futuristic dark story begins with loneliness, epidemic and a young girl searching for love. The twists and turns are at first exciting but after a few hard turns it becomes completely confusing, unreal and difficult to follow. The writing is excellent and if you enjoy apocalyptic, dystopian tales then this for you. Unfortunately, I felt the first half was a different story than the the second half, after losing my attention, I just could not get it back.

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