Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Small Indiscretion

Annie Black escapes her hum drum life from a small town
in California, her boring community college classes and her father's alcoholic abandonment. With little self confidence but strong determination, she finds herself in London with a work visa and an office position with Malcolm Church, an engineer/developer. Annie quickly submerges herself in more drama than she bargained for; married Malcolm is in love with her and she secretly falls for Patrick, a photographer who is currently having an affair with Malcolm's wife. Having little understanding of these relationships or experience in matters of the heart, Annie is quickly running away, yet again, when she meets Jonathan on a ferry to Ireland. And it is in these eyes she sees her future. Twenty years later the happy couple and their three children lead a life full to the brim with love and laughter and opportunity. One day Annie receives a nondescript small envelope and as if tainted with destruction her life begins to unravel the mysteries that lay hidden beneath the perfect exterior. The longings she never let go of, disappointments she was forced to carry and lies she felt obligated to reveal to her loving husband. Their world is turned upside down very quickly and Annie must face the truth she has always feared.  This first novel by Jan Ellison is a close and honest look at what appears to be an ordinary family but is not. Can you ever really bury the past? If truths will only hurt those around you, is it wrong to protect those you love? So much can happen in a lifetime and all the small decisions and choices we make will change our paths and follow us, whether we like it or not. Highly recommend A Small Indiscretion and I look forward to reading more from this outstanding author.

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