Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One Plus One

Best selling author Jojo Moyes does it again. Wraps the
reader around her little finger while we take a journey with an amazing, lovable cast of characters you will grow to love so intensely they seem real. Jess's life in a small coastal England town is complicated but sadly not uncommon. She is a single mom to Tanzie, a gifted ten year old girl both brilliant and witty beyond her years and Nicky, an awkward troubled teen fighting through adolescence and abandonment. Jess works two jobs, she scrimps to get by day to day, week to week and miraculously keeps her spirits high, hope always another step forward. Even though Jess has had a rough go of it she remains optimistic and determined to make her children feel loved and safe. When Tanzie is unexpectedly invited to a maths Olympiad in Scotland, an adventure begins for this family of four (I am including humungous dog named Norman!) that changes their lives forever. As they sit abandoned on the side of the road, Mr. Nicholls, a geeky businessman and client of Jess's cleaning job, stops to offer assistance. As he is dealing with his own personal turmoil Ed believes perhaps he was meant to help out this troubled clan. And so begins the journey that leads them to friendship, love, and the truth, as painful as that might be. Could not put down this incredible story that will leave you thinking about these characters long after the story ends. Do not miss this amazing summer read! Enjoy!

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