Saturday, July 5, 2014


A love triangle of three anthropologists set in the late 1930's in
Papau, New Guinea. Nell and Fen, a newly married couple are searching for another tribe to study before returning to the States. Nell, a published author and receiver of grants is an American woman (based loosely on the experiences of Margaret Mead) who is at the forefront of anthropology, studying the relationships and dynamics of men and women deep in these far off jungles. Fen is an Australian, brilliant on his own but fearing the expansive shadow of Nells fame and notoriety in this fairly new field of study. Andrew Bankson is yet the third wheel, an Englishman daring to study this extravagant science of which his famous father deplored. Extremely competent at his studies but longing for company and companionship, Andrew quickly falls in love with Nell when the couple find him in the midst of depression, studying the Kiona tribe. He introduces them to the Tam a few hours upriver and it is agreed they will spend the following months within the almost mythical tribe. And so begins this most unique story of love, friendship, and the human mind. How we live and how we are a product of those we are born to and surrounded by will mold our ideas forevermore. Our values and our behavior are deeply physical and spiritual. Highly recommend this mesmerizing story by talented author Lily King. I was briefly taken away to another place and another time. These characters will linger in my mind always.

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