Friday, April 25, 2014


Chloe Pinter, a twenty something living in Portland Oregon
with her surfer dude boyfriend, helps women find solutions for babies they cannot raise and helps to make dreams come true for couples longing to have them. She tries hard to understand her clients and passionately loves her work. But one day the stories aren't all so sweet and danger lurks as a child is missing. Relationships are not what they seem and the perfect couples aren't so perfect. Money, history, along with good and bad choices make her job more difficult than one can possibly imagine. Chloe, who lost her mother as a young girl craves the idea of marriage, and children of her own someday. Suddenly, she is questioning her dreams of the ideal house with the yard in the upscale neighborhood and adoring husband because nothing around her seems so perfect anymore and even the people she would rather ignore have their own past, problems and dreams of a future. This novel is an easy to read, interesting and enjoyable story. The memorable characters and inside look at adoption make this a must if you are making that summer list! I highly recommend Chosen and look forward to reading more from Chandra Hoffman.

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