Thursday, April 10, 2014

China Dolls

With the same beauty and energy as her other novels, author Lisa See once again brings us into another world, an earlier time and the hearts and friendships between three women who both love each other and hurt each other over and over again. After a sheltered life in the mid-west Grace Lee finds herself following dreams of stardom to San Francisco. It is 1938 and although alone and afraid Grace's fast friendship with Helen Fong and Ruby Tom have them dancing their way to the top of the infamous cabaret clubs throughout China Town. They are beautiful, young and talented. The girls work hard and crave the attention and independence that dancing brings them. But dreams often do not begin and end so easily. For Ruby more is never enough and silent competition lurks beneath her every move, Helen’s secrets and large controlling family set her apart from the others and Grace learns to live with her violent past and desperation for true love. The girls discover much about family, friendship and truth. A reflection of a time when America was both joining peoples hearts to fight and support WWII  and keep the enemies at bay, even the ones they feared that were in their own backyard. Highly recommend this fabulous journey with an author who never lets us down. Amazing history, delicious characters and a must read on your summer list! ENJOY!!  

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