Saturday, January 18, 2014

Orphan Train

From the mid 1800's thru 1929 children living in overcrowded
orphanages in NYC were loaded onto trains and sent out west to be adopted. Whether these families truly wished to raise a child (the ones who adopted infants) or were looking for free labor on their struggling farms (the older strong boys) it was an opportunity to get these orphans off their hands and off the streets. This is the story of Vivian Daly, 91 years old and living in a big house on the beautiful coast of Maine, she reflects on her past with young teenager Molly. An unlikely friendship, Molly, a foster child who has lived in more homes than she can count, finds herself in a bit of trouble. Her community service is to assist Vivian clean out her attic. But right from the start Vivian understands Molly, who is an intelligent sensitive girl yet often misunderstood by almost everyone in her world. As Vivian shares her precious memories with Molly they find a way to help each other. This incredible novel is beautifully written. It is an easy enjoyable read about an intriguing time in history and the resilience people are capable of when there is just a little bit of hope. Highly recommend Orphan Train and can't wait to read other books (how did I miss them!) by Christina Baker Kline.  BUY TODAY!! Orphan Train: A Novel

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