Sunday, January 5, 2014

All Good Things: From Paris to Tahiti: Life and Longing

After following Australian born Sarah Turnbull through
the twists and turns of marrying Frederic and moving to Paris in her memoir "Almost French," we now find the couple, along with their precious dog, Maddy, relocating to the idyllic shores of Tahiti to work, play and continue their struggles to have a baby. Frederic is transferred from his Paris law firm to set up shop in French Polynesia and Sarah will continue work on her first novel. While reading about the interesting history of French Poylnesia, the beautiful culture comes alive with vivid color and detail as Sarah describes their three years spent on the small isolated piece of land far away from the cafes and galleries of Paris. Through Sarah's eyes the mesmerizing tropical fish, as they learn to scuba dive, the flowers and foods offered from generous delightful neighbors paint a picture as beautiful as those of Gauguin and Matisse who also spent time living in this tropical paradise. As island life has its challenges so does biology and the couple is disappointed repeatedly when IVF is not successful and they contemplate life without the family they had always dreamed of. The writing is good, the travel dream is always a wonderment to me personally, but the storyline is rather slow and repetitious. If you love to travel and want a quiet read about a beautiful place and a lovely couple, you will enjoy All Good Things, but this is not a pageturner. TO BUY TODAY!  All Good Things: From Paris to Tahiti: Life and Longing

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