Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Interestings

By Meg Wolitzer    Summertime during adolescence, torture for some, defining moments for others. The Interestings, a self named group of teens at Spirit-in-the-Woods, an arts camp in the Berkshires. It is the mid 1970's. Womens rights, freedom of expression and spin the bottle are the hot topics of the summer. These new friends share experiences, dreams and hopes that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Jules the comic actress, Ash the playwright, her brother Goodman - the spoiled good looking one, Jonah - a talented musician with a famous mother, and Ethan - whose talent as an animator outweighs all others from the very beginning. These teens are self conscience and curious. The loving friendships they form evolve and struggle through the years but never disappear, even as some of their dreams and visions fade into memory. Success, envy, jealousy and change, always change. This novel is superbly written, the characters are crisp and clear, their journey created by many pieces of real life. A heartwarming story filled with creativity and love. As I highly recommend (and I do!!), the only note is that it is long. The chapters are long, the book is long. I thoroughly enjoyed each part but it is a time consuming read. Perfect for the summer when you have the time and inclination to read and reminisce.
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