Saturday, June 8, 2013

And the Mountains Echoed

By Khaled Hosseini 
As many streams flow into a central river, so does this novel by esteemed author Khaled Hosseini. When Pari is four years old, she is taken to the big city of Kabul, away from her small village family, never to see them again. Abdullah, her older brother has cared for her since the day she was born, as their mother died during Pari's delivery. Their father, remarried, works day and night to provide for his family in this poor village in Afghanistan. The separation of Pari and her brother begins a chain of effects lasting through decades and changing the lives of everyone it touches. Written with beautiful language, these chapters are almost short stories in themselves woven together with the central thread of Pari, who spends her life mystified by an empty void she does not understand and Abdullah, who never fully accepts the loss of the special bond they shared. Do not get frustrated by the numerous names, dates and places. This is an enjoyable read but one must pay close attention as it jumps forward and back through time.  A must read for summer!
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  1. Definitely recommend, great for bookclubs. This was a family saga written for our time, the past and present. Loved it.