Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper By Kate Morton     As Dorothy's life is nearing the end, her adoring daughters and son reminisce their younger days and attribute it to the mother wonderful Dorothy has been. Laurel, the eldest and a famous actress, is reminded of a tragic incident she witnessed as a teenager and her siblings were much too young to remember. A strange man at the farmhouse, a knife, a murder, and a string of memories that have been buried in the back of her mind for fifty years. Laurel decides the time has come and she must know, she needs to understand how this violent event occurred while her mother has been the most loving adoring of souls to her family, friends and neighbors for all of these years. Her investigation begins as the chapters skip back and forth from 1941 England during the Blitz to 2011. This story pulls the reader into the characters lives, as it twists and turns it becomes less predictable and I happily found myself racing to the end to see what would happen next. A well written saga revealing what can transpire when people try to protect their loved ones by keeping the secrets.

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