Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the Island

On the Island  By Tracey Garvis Graves     Anna, a thirty year old teacher from Chicago is hired by the Callahan family to tutor TJ for the summer. TJ is in remission and having missed most of the 10th grade he needs to catch up with his classmates. As TJ and Anna's plane approaches the remote island home his parents have rented for the summer, a fateful accident occurs leaving TJ and Anna alone on an uninhabited island. Fighting for their health, safety and sanity, TJ and Anna battle the elements to stay strong while their feelings and emotions towards each other grows into a beautiful friendship. This wonderful story is a simple one of love, friendship and dreams with a little bit of survivor, a dash of fifty shades and a reminder of the blue lagoon. It is that wonderful chick lit romance, tears, smiles and all over fuzzy feeling. I adored this story and read it in one day. If you long to escape if only for a short while, this is it. Enjoy!

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