Friday, September 28, 2012

The People of Forever are Not Afraid

The People of Forever are Not Afraid By Shani Boianjiu    Three Israeli women growing up in a small dusty town in Israel become of age to do their service in the Israeli army. This novel follows them through their posts and affairs for the next few years and a few past army service. This story had interesting characters and excellent writing but it was very hard to follow. Extremely confusing. Time jumps forward and back so often it is hard to know when the episode is taking place and just as mysterious as to whom it is focusing on. The girls are brash and have absolutely no drive or goals. I was very much looking forward to a more realistic episode of time spent in the army from a women's point of view. I found this story so bizarre and highly unrealistic. I was disappointed but am hopeful this author will continue to write and learn to focus more because the words and wit are most surely within her.

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