Monday, September 10, 2012

The Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles By Karen Thompson Walker    To a sixth grade girl, the world and its inhabitants (especially boys) are already a mystery. When the earth begins to slow, the days get longer, the nights get colder. At first its by minutes, then days, then weeks. Light and dark take on new meaning. Eating, sleeping, our most basic functions. This story is told by Julia, an only child living with her parents in Southern California when the slowing begins. People do not function well off the clock but real time becomes impossible as the days stretch and scientists argue over cause, effect and the future of our planet. The government tries to keep order, how quickly chaos can begin. How quickly people, once neighbors, once friends can turn on each other. Survival is a tricky thing. The story is narrated by Julia, and she is still just a 12 year old waiting for Seth, her crush, to speak to her at the bus stop. This incredibly unique, well told story was an amazing read. It is almost unimaginable that this is Ms. Walkers first novel, WOW! Highly recommend.

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