Monday, August 6, 2012

The After Wife

The After Wife  By Gigi Levangie Grazer     I am still laughing and smiling from this delightful book that I didn't think I would read and was sure I would not enjoy. HOW WRONG I WAS!! Hannah and John live in Santa Monica CA. They live a romantic, idyllic life with a beautiful 3 yr old daughter. They have unique careers and a cast of bizarre friends and neighbors. Sadly, after four blissful years, Hannah finds herself a widow, alone, grief stricken and unemployed as a single mother. Her Grief Team, as she calls them, try to help Hannah get back on her feet and on with her life. As another twist Hannah begins to communicate with the deceased. This author takes a look at a sad situation and although there is real compassion for her characters, the story is a satire of LA life, an exaggeration (I hope!?#) of the women who live in NOMO (North of Montana) their crazy lifestyles and values that start and finish with a good latte. Easy fun read, could not put down, perfect for the beach!

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