Friday, August 24, 2012

Left Neglected. By Lisa Genova  Sarah Nickerson is a mother of three small children and lives in a suburb of Boston. She and her husband Bob both have stressful power positions with big companies. They  juggle and multitask the day away, never a moment to spare (or enjoy) because there are just not enough hours in the day. This all seems commonplace, until Sarah is in a horrible car accident. She sustains traumatic head injury to the right part of her brain and a syndrome called Left Neglect. Sarahs life will never be exactly the same again but for every tough physical stride she makes, her life lessons trail right along with her. Sarah begins to realize that less can be more and time really is money but most importantly to celebrate how lucky she is instead of focusing on the struggle. Like the fabulous book, Still Alice, author Lisa Genova, once again brings these characters straight into our hearts where they will most likely remain long after the last page is read. Highly recommend this interesting, warm, heartfelt account of this startling syndrome.

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