Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Veil of Roses

Veil of Roses By Laura Fitzgerald    Tami has always dreamed of freedom. She is 27 and living in Tehran with her parents teaching at a religious girls school. As the restrictions feel tighter and tighter and marriage is imminent, Tami falls into a depression. Her parents last hope is a 3 month visa they have miraculously obtained for Tami to visit her married sister in the U.S. Tami has 3 months to find a suitable husband which would allow her to remain in America. This story brings to life the very issues displayed daily on the nightly news. The younger educated generation is desperately seeking freedom, equality and democracy in their homelands. The characters are likeable and this is an easy summer read that should not be missed. Something as simple as reading a book, is a freedom some humans do not have.

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