Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer and the City

Summer and the City  By Candace Bushnell     Sequel to The Carrie Diaries and Prequel to Sex and The City, another adorable, light funny read starring our beloved Carrie Bradshaw living out her dream summer in NYC. The story illustrates how she meets Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and grows her passion and desire to become a successful writer living in New York. It is hard to read without picturing Sarah Jessica as a teenager bumbling around NY in her vintage clothes and bouncy curls. This is a perfect beach read, light funny and enjoyable. I don't know if I just like pretending its 1984 or I truly just miss my all time favorite series but this one is a must for my fellow SATC fans!! (If you haven't read The Carrie Diaries, read that one first!) BTW, the CW channel is currently working on The Carrie Diaries series for tv. Hmmmm not sure about that one ....

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