Thursday, June 28, 2012


Wild By Cheryl Strayed   This memoir is the journey of a young women who is sad and lost and finds herself in her mid twenties on an adventure of a lifetime. After losing her mother to a horrible battle with cancer, Cheryl finds has a series of bad relationships, menial jobs and city after city she is still unhappy. She stumbles quite by chance upon a book detailing the hikes of the infamous PCT, Pacific Crest Trail. Having never been much of a hiker Cheryl finds herself drawn to this idea and challenge. She decides to set her goals and hike the majority of the trail. She prepares herself to journey this solo hike starting near Mexico through to Oregon. This honest account of this often dangerous and always difficult adventure is an interesting and intense read. She finds out more about herself and her life than she ever imagined. Cheryl reaches to the very deepest parts of herself and her determination to begin again. Highly recommend this read, hiker or not, its enjoyable, easy and a great summer get away.

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