Friday, June 15, 2012

The Dovekeepers

The Dovekeepers By Alice Hoffman       In 70 C.E. when the Romans stormed Jerusalem, 900 Jewish people fled to a mountaintop called Masada. It was the palace for King Herod 100 years earlier. A city made of stone with provisions to house and feed an enormous amount of people. They lived there peacefully for 4 years until the enemy finally overtook them. This novel portrays the lives of four women who are brave, intelligent, faithful and most importantly, hopeful. Masada is one of the most exciting Jewish stories to survive. It still stands, and many many artifacts exist to collaborate the facts of its amazing history. I appreciate the beautiful strong women and historical value but the writing dragged slowly at times. Certain themes were repeated over and over again. Like The Red Tent, this is an intriguing period to imagine and learn about but admittedly, I was ready for this book to be over. With a story that good I usually don't want it to end.

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