Thursday, April 19, 2012

Once We Were Brothers

Once We Were Brothers  By Ronald Balson    Ben Soloman grew up in a small town in Poland in the 1930's. His generous loving parents often helped less fortunate families. Otto Piatek's parents could not afford to care for him and the Solomans raised him as part of the family for his formative years. When Poland was invaded by the Nazi's life changed for all the people and worst off for the Jewish families. Otto went to work for the Germans as he was not Jewish and he initially thought it would help the Solomans. Life took Ben and Otto in opposite directions and very different lives. Throughout WWII, through death and marriage and loss. So much loss. Many years later in Chicago Ben is an older man at the end of his life. He believes he recognizes Otto as a prominent businessman, but this cannot be. Once We Were Brothers is a compelling novel about family, friendship, and faith. It flashes back to the past with accuracy and surmounts to an unexpected suspenseful story that cannot be put down. The historical portions were fascinating, although fiction, they were well researched and the characters extremely loveable. Highly recommend this read.

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