Sunday, April 15, 2012

History of a Pleasure Seeker

History of a Pleasure Seeker  By Richard Mason    Piet Barol is a highly educated young man in the very early 1900's, living in Leiden. His French, singing instructor mother whom he was very close has passed away. His father is a joyless University employee and Piet is determined to find a new rich life in the world. His mother taught him all the finer pleasures of life as defined in food, music, art and language. Combined with his extraordinary good looks and easy disposition, Piet finds work as a tutor in one of the wealthiest homes in Amsterdam. He becomes mentor to a troubled 10 year old boy and lover to a rather cold and neglected wife of his employer. Reading this story accomplishes what an excellent writer sets out to do. For a few days I was in Amsterdam over a hundred years ago and was able to envision the dress, the homes, the food and the romance of that period. Highly recommend this timeless read about class, determination, love and of course, pleasure.

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