Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walking Israel

Walking Israel  By Martin Fletcher   NBC Foreign news journalist Martin Fletcher has spent the better part of his career reporting from and about Israel. It has become his home and his passion. His love and deep understanding of this country is evident throughout this small journey he made hiking alone down the coast of Israel a few years ago. The reader is taken on a trip from the Lebanon border down the coast past Tel Aviv to end in Gaza. Mr. Fletcher visits and meets with a diverse group of Israelis with an open ear and open heart. He has intense conversation with Holocaust survivors, Israeli Arabs, young and old and some unique individuals trying to rebuild a new type of kibbutz life. This is not only a pleasurable trip through a mesmerizing country but an educational one as well. The author never fails to find both sides to every story in the most fair honest light possible, a difficult task for any reporter in this part of the world where emotions run high and histories collide. Whether you have never been to Israel or have traveled there many times, this would be an enjoyable easy read.

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