Friday, January 6, 2012

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers By Vanessa Diffenbaugh    In the Victorian age flowers had a language of their own. If you gave someone a certain flower or bouquet it had a specific meaning, love or happiness, forgiveness or even jealousy. Victoria Jones is a foster child who barely survives a sad and difficult childhood. She goes from foster home to foster home and craves love and a place of safety in the world. Unfortunately, that day never comes and Victoria is finally thrust out on her own at 18 to truly fend for herself. At 10 yrs old, she had lived with Elizabeth on a farm that was a vineyard. Elizabeth had a love for flowers and the language they represented. She taught Victoria all she knew. Victoria had a gift and by a miracle found a job at a florist designing bouquets, the one thing she was truly good at. Victoria begins a journey to find friendship and love and learns that it is not too late. Her life is not meant to be solitary, she is not being punished. This is an amazing first novel. The author brings us on a journey into the world of flowers and also the despair of the foster system and its children that want so little but often get nothing. The simplicity of what a flower means, the simplicity of a smile, some food, a place to stay, can be shared with those who do not have. The things we take for granted and complain about nonchalantly are only dreams for many.

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