Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter Garden

Winter Garden   By Kristin Hannah     Meredith Whitson runs her fathers apple orchard, Nina Whitson, her younger sister is a world renowned photo journalist. Their relationship has been close but tricky, their memories are loving and strong but their differences hold old resentments. Anya, their beautiful Russian mother has held her past and her secrets far from her girls. She has never been open and honest or loving. Until the day Nina pushes hard enough to force Anya to tell her story. And so begins their journey of understanding their mothers life, of the truth in the fairytale that they were always told at bedtime. Leningrad during WWII, the darkness, the cold and the death that many did not survive. The story of the sisters and a mysterious mother is too predictable. The writing is elementary and often filled with cliches. The Russian chapters more interesting and better written.  I had to force myself to finish.

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