Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Miss New India

Miss New India  By Bharati Mukherjee    Fictional heroine Anjalie Bose is a middle class girl, living with her parents in a small apartment in a small town in India. Her mentor, an American teacher named Peter Champion sees possibility in Anjalie that noone else can see. Her father is desperately trying to match her with an appropriate husband, basing his decision on class, family background, future work prospects and most certainly not love! After a brutally failed attempt Anjalie, calling herself Angie, runs away to Bangalore. Even though this will destroy her parents, she knows that with her English language skills and the support of Peter she must at least try to succeed to a higher level position outside of her small town. Pretty, smart, English speaking girls have very good opportunity of work in the growing, ever changing cities with call centers, hosting companies from around the world. The family dynamics of her parents desperately holding onto tradition and Angie's burning desire to see the world lead her on an adventure to change her life. Enjoyable, easy read, very detailed world of the west invading Indian culture and a young adult finding true destiny.

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