Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Man In The White Sharkskin Suit

The Man In The White Sharkskin Suit  By Lucette Lagnado
Loulou, as she is affectionately known, shares her life from birth in Cairo, the families sad departure and ultimate statelessness that affects them all for many years to come. Life in Egypt, "the Levant", is a magical world of old fashioned ways, family ties and deep Jewish values. As times, war and political leaders change, the jews have no choice but to leave their homeland. With no more than a few hundred dollars for their family of six, they begin their journey to Paris where they must choose between emigrating to Israel or America. Viet Nam is looming, President Kennedy has been shot and Leon, the patriarch of the family is miserable with their negligible status, lack of means and saddest of all, lack of any hope for a happy future. The author is descriptive and thorough in her life's account, her relationship with both her parents, brothers, sister and with her own identity. She generously retells the plight of her family, the story of many jewish families who have been forced to relocate and start over in a country that never feels like home. Its the story of any immigrant family, of any religion, of any race. A captivating and educational read.

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  1. excellent descriptive memoir of a Jewish family's flight from Cairo. history of turmoil and survival. I recommend this book.