Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anthropology of an American Girl

Anthropology of an American Girl  By Hilary Thayer Hamann    Eveline Auerbach is a young girl growing up with her mom in East Hampton, New York. She is an artist, a poet, an intellectual girl, desperately trying to find meaning in life, love, friendship and the world around her. Eveline strives for honesty and searches for truth of those close to her. Like most girls during their highschool years Eveline wants to know who she really is and where she is going. She has a boyfriend Jack who is a cynic at 17. The entire world and all its workings frustrate him, his family never understood him and his parents have already discounted him to anonymity. He is a talented musician and the one thing he loves is Evie. Then Evie meets Rourke. He is older, a boxer and theater teacher at the local highschool. Evie falls passionately, obsessively, madly in love with Rourke. And so the story goes. The writing in this novel is extraordinary, it is beautiful and thoughtful. It is thoroughly descriptive, a little depressing and very very long. Anthropology is a recommended read but you must have plenty of time and a quiet space.

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