Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Rigged  By Ben Mezrich.   After graduating Harvard, David Russo goes back to where he was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. He is going to show/prove to the world (NY) that he has/will make it. With his Italian good looks and charm he finds his way completely by chance, to a job at the Merc in NYC. Thats the mercantile exchange of which I knew nothing about until I read this book. With the excitement and easy reading of Ben Mezich's other novels, Rigged is about Davids Merc education. The world of commodities is more than a numbers game and mostly about handshakes and relationships. He makes an interesting one with a Saudi man and together they want to start another exchange in Dubai and change the world as we know it. Thoroughly enjoyable read, cannot wait to see the movie.

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