Friday, April 26, 2024

The Wives

Leaving New York City is never easy. Simone had an editing job she loved, a great group of friends and - in the city that never sleeps - always something to do. Soon after she gets married, Andrew joins an elite Army unit and the young couple relocate to Columbus, Georgia. A very very tiny town with an army base and little else. Andrew and Simone grew up together in California. Their relationship is strong and their love runs deep. But as any young couple may struggle, they have a hard time figuring how they can both follow their dreams and remain supportive of each other. Feeling the stress of loneliness and financial instability, Simone’s real test arrives - Andrew is finally deployed. Paralyzed by this deep rooted fear is something Simone had never experienced before. It takes a village - or rather “The Wives” - as she names the other women she meets - to make this transition to army wife. An intelligent, voracious reader Simone had always been a pacifist. The pervasive questions she continuously asks Andrew, her peers and herself are the difficult ones. Simone wants to understand where Andrew’s unflinching and real desire to risk his life and fight for his country comes from. She slowly learns how the army works and the lingo they use to pacify worried wives while their husbands are deployed. As the more experienced wives help her through the difficult early days Simone learns the meaning of true friendship and camaraderie. She and Andrew find their way through the complicated maze of military life with a few bumps and bruises but this memoir shines as a testament to faith, hope and family. I was mesmerized by Simone’s story. She is an excellent writer and captured my imagination and my heart. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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