Saturday, January 27, 2024

True North

The Brecht family loaded up their brand new Winnebago and headed to the town of Thunderwater in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, only a day’s drive from Chicago. It is the summer of 1993 and things are not going well for Sam and Swami. He is an art teacher and failed to tell Swami he may not have a position to return to after summer break. Sam has convinced his wife to accept his uncle’s offer to partner at his rafting company for the summer. As young college graduates, Sam and Swami met and fell in love as rafting guides. There was nothing they loved more than the magnificent outdoors. With their three young children in tow Swami is less than thrilled at this undertaking but realizes nature and guiding may rekindle the love and respect they once had for each other. When they arrive, Woodchuck is in shambles. The guides appear to be a bunch of rustic yokels and the barn and equipment are falling apart. Swami wants no part of it. She quickly separates herself and the children from Sam and stays at the local campgrounds. Sam reacquaints himself with his uncle forming a deep bond with each of the guides and reigniting his love for the woods. A new fancy rafting company nearby presents fierce competition for their summer business and a global mining company is sneakily convincing people to sell their land. While the entire town argues the merits of town expansion the drama continues to rise and so does the river. Historic rains and flooding may ruin their efforts to save the company and themselves. I love this fast paced small town drama filled with rafting adventures, marriage, friendship and loyalty. Even though Swami is extremely unlikeable, the reader is still rooting for their survival. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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