Friday, July 22, 2022

The Displacements

The Larsen-Hall family has relocated from Michigan to Miami, Florida. In a big beautiful house by the bay Daphne is still adjusting to this fanciful life as an artist, a wife and mother of three. Oliver and Mia are in elementary school and Gavin, who should be finishing freshman year at Stanford, is unexpectedly taking a break. Brantley, her pretentious surgeon husband hasn’t been around very much since they arrived. Closely following the news, Daphne is alarmed one morning that a category 6 hurricane, the largest the world has ever seen, changed direction and is heading their way. Quickly arranging the kids, the dog and a few necessities in the minivan they race to pick up Brantley at the hospital only to be told he will meet them in northern Florida as he is in charge of evacuating patients. Panic beginning to simmer along the highway, suffocating traffic and long gas lines, the Larsen-Hall bunch just keep driving. When absolutely nothing works out as planned the family is transported to a FEMA megashelter in Oklahoma with thousands of evacuees, now called IDP’s - Internally Displaced Persons. The days pass slowly, the news out of Miami is devastating. There is no sign of Brantley. As the plot thickens life at Tooley Farms is no picnic. Other residents don’t look like Daphne with her manicured fingers and huge diamond ring. With no choice but to remain in place each member of the Larsen-Hall family quickly learns the hard truth about family and the unethical world they live in. Fast paced novel, like watching a train wreck the reader are unable to turn away. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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