Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Life's Too Short

Vanessa Price is a social media superstar. A vlogger with a hugely successful You Tube channel, Vanessa is the ultimate “social butterfly” as it’s called. She travels the world experiencing excitement and adventure, living every moment to the fullest as if it could all be over tomorrow. And it could. Vanessa has familial ALS in her family. There is no test for this disease but as her grandmother, mother and sister all died before thirty, she believes at 29, she is next. After basic living expenses Vanessa donates all her proceeds (and there is ALOT) to research foundations working on a cure for this horrendous illness that has destroyed her family. When her addict, half-sister leaves her with an infant, life is further turned upside down. Her fun and fancy free style comes to a screeching halt of a crying baby all … night … long. At 4 a.m. her staggeringly handsome lawyer neighbor comes knocking. Greeting him with vomit in her hair and a red faced baby, Adrian takes little Grace in his arms and insists Vanessa take a shower and a minute to herself. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. They have perfect chemistry and immediately can finish each others sentences. But sadly both Adrian and Vanessa are convinced that due to their unlikely circumstances (which are greatly misunderstood!) they must remain ONLY friends. So begins the fun loving friendship rollercoaster that is Vanessa’s life. Her view on how to truly appreciate every moment she has left is heartwarming and tearful at the same time. Simply loved this endearing, meaningful tale of remembering that life is too short. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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