Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Midnight Library

Nora Seed faces a life and death decision. Her own. Her dreams have been shattered over and over again. Her non existent family. Long lost friends. Really, she has nothing left to live for - - or so she thinks. One night Nora enters the Midnight Library. Her dear old school librarian, Mrs. Elm greets her as if no time has passed at all. Each book in this cavernous room is filled with the life Nora could have led, her alternate universes. An Olympic swimmer, rock star or falling in love. While disappointment overcame her in the present, every missed opportunity may have very well led to happiness if only she had been willing to try. This out of the box fantastical journey is somewhat sad and alternately very hopeful. Every single person makes decisions daily that affect their lives and ultimately those around them. The theme of this unique story started out strong (books, libraries, second chances), it dragged a little in the end and then wrapped up quite nicely. The Midnight Library gives the reader much to think about.

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