Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Alternate Side

On a charming dead end street in Manhattan the residents walk their dogs, struggle to park and gossip. Nora’s love affair may be waning with her husband Charlie after more than two decades, but not with her beloved New York City. She runs the Museum of Jewelry for a wealthy socialite who is a bit off her rocker and has raised beautiful twins who are about to finish college and head out to make their way in the world. When the drama on the block hits an all time high so does Charlie’s mid life crisis. Dreaming of golf, and suburbs in the South, Nora and Charlie seem to be heading on two completely opposite trajectories. This pretty simple novel is a quick, pleasant read. Author Anna Quindlen develops the funniest characters and is an awesome storyteller and writer. Gotta love the New York wit and genuine panic that sets in near fifty, real enough to give you pause and absurd enough to be throughly entertaining. 

1 comment:

  1. I thought this one was OK, but not Quindlen's best by far. Plot just wasn't really there for me though I did love her NYC commentary :)