Friday, April 24, 2015

Instructions For A Heatwave

The Riordan family, an Irish/English family falls apart during
the infamous London heatwave of 1976. Robert, recently retired walks out the door to get the morning paper and doesn't come back. Gretta, the quirky wife who pretty much goes through life with blinders on, finally calls on the grown children to return home and help her deal with this crisis. Michael, a schoolteacher experiencing his own family troubles at home, Monica, adrift in her second marriage with miserable step children and haunting memories and Aoife (pronounced like Eva but sounds like Efa) who has been living in NYC to avoid her demons and most likely her nutty family. With the background of this unprecedented heatwave, London is dry, unbearably hot and making everyone irritable. At first, the reader is really just considering what the heck has happened to this poor man but as the story builds it brings us back to the beginning, bit by bit. These siblings who slept side by side and have forgotten that is is the three of them and only them that know each other inside out like noone else on this planet can imagine. And it is with these brothers and sisters and sometimes outrageous mother that through thick and thin, in times of need, you can reach back and feel the love and strength in these memories. This story is filled with lovable characters and lessons of love, trust and family. Highly recommend this English author I have only just discovered. Happy Reading!

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