Thursday, November 13, 2014

Leaving Time

Jenna Metcalf is a thirteen year old girl searching for her mother,
Alice. She disappeared 10 years ago after a tragic accident at the elephant sanctuary where her and her husband lived and worked as scientists and activists. Jenna is a feisty, brilliant young lady who has traded her entire childhood to play detective. She has devoured every word of Alice's scientific journals. Jenna believes her mother may still be out there and is torn between the horrible idea of finding out she is dead or the more horrible idea that she is alive, on the run and chose to leave her beloved daughter behind. Her father is in a psychiatric hospital after a complete breakdown following the events at the sanctuary and Jenna hires a quirky psychic named Serenity and a has-been detective called Virgil to help her solve this lifelong mystery.

Hmmmmm ... this is a tough one. Jodi Picoult's writing is as always, superb. She flawlessly carries the reader through this story with mystery, humor, and lovable characters. The elephant theme kind of surprised me. There is a lot of elephant behavior research and it is both interesting and burdensome. I loved the twists and turns of the actual mystery but found myself wanting some other parts to hurry up, and I rarely feel that way. I adore Jodi Picoult. She always has a great story to tell.  I suppose if you love mysteries, elephants and nature it is perfect for you!

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