Saturday, October 25, 2014

Keep Quiet

Jake has a rocky relationship with his teenage son Ryan.
As many parents of teenagers can agree, it is hard to find common ground and gain their full trust and attention. Jake tries too hard. He goes against his better judgment and allows Ryan to drive the car with him late at night after curfew for learners permit drivers. And their lives are changed forever. Tragedy strikes, split second decisions are made and lies snowball out of control. Pam, Jake's wife, cannot fathom what is happening to their family and every day they find themselves deeper in this horrible nightmare. There will definitely a lot to discuss at book club this month. Lessons learned about family, trust and standing by your beliefs. Unfortunately, the writing is mediocre, predictable and boring. The characters are not very likable so you just feel sorry for them but it is lacking someone to root for. Although I tried to like this read it failed to grab me. Sorry, reader friends, I really cannot recommend this one.

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