Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Light of Amsterdam

The Light of Amsterdam By David Park    Belfast, Ireland. Three different families are taking a weekend trip to Amsterdam. Gordon and Marion on going on a pre-Christmas holiday, they have been married for many years, are grandparents and Marion is critically analyzing all that has changed in their lives while she incessantly worries about their future. Karen attends her daughter Shannon's hen party with a group of young girls that drink hard, party often and expect instant gratification in every aspect of their lives. Karen is a struggling single mom that has sacrificed her entire adult life for her daughters' well being while sinfully neglecting herself in every way possible. A father, bitterly divorced, takes his 16 year old son Jack to see Bob Dylan. He reminisces about his past trips to Amsterdam and desperately tries to connect with his miserable, spoiled teenager. Maybe the depression lies in the reality of it all, while the writing is excellent and Amsterdam is a dynamic, intoxicating city, the story lines are rather dull and my AHA! moment never arrived. Can't say that I would not read this author again but this story was mediocre at best.

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