Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Lake of Dreams

The Lake of Dreams By Kim Edwards    Lucy Jarrett revisits her childhood hometown called Lake of Dreams in Upstate New York. She is in between jobs and has been traveling the globe working as a hydrologist for the past decade. Revisiting this small town where the lives of her mother and brother have moved on since the death of her father brings back haunting memories and regrets. Lucy discovers a past in her family tree she knew nothing about and details that could greatly affect the future of everyone and everything she loves. Her boyfriend Yoshi is due to arrive any day, her brothers girlfriend is secretly pregnant and her highschool sweetheart still holds an old flame for her heart. Kim Edwards weaves together a beautiful story about family with a mysterious twist. The likeable characters are a pleasure to follow throughout their journey. It does not hold the power of The Memory Keepers Daughter but is a good read all the same.

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