Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Name is Memory

My Name is Memory    By Ann Brashares    Not qute time traveling, Daniel's experiences are closer to what we think of as past life experiences. Daniel Grey believes most souls have many lives but very few remember them the way he does. He remembers it every detail. He loves a woman named Sophia through all of time, all of his lives he is searching for his one true love. He can stare deeply into someones eyes and recognize their true soul, recognize who they once may have been. Some lives he finds Sophia and some he does not. Sometimes they are the wrong ages in the wrong places. Finally he meets Lucy (Sophia) well over a thousand years later and it is finally their time to be together, or is it?

A unique love story, throw in a bit of history, culture and language, sit back and enjoy this beautiful story of love, trust, friendship and most of all, life.

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