Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mountain of Crumbs

Mountain of Crumbs  By Elena Gorokhova.  Interesting memoir of a woman that grew up in the Soviet Union during the 1970's. The author describes what everyday life is like in a cold cold Leningrad. Elena had an affinity with the English language from a young age and was determined to learn English and teach others. It seems the more english she learns, the more westernized her mind becomes and she gradually cannot find happiness in the limiting, restrictive world in which she lives. The basic elements of communism that she was taught from a young age start to seem less vital and unfair. Elena cannot grasp the benefit of the struggle of the people. She begins the search for something more in her life. Informative, honest, sweet and witty writing. Really enjoyed the journey through Elena's life.

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  1. This sound like something I will like reading. I was in Leningrad in 1976 and found it drab. There again last year (as St. Petersburg) and it was very much a lively city!