Friday, April 16, 2010


Open  By Andre Agassi     Open is exactly as the title depicts. Andre Agassi, famed, successful, beloved tennis star opens his heart and soul to the world. The reader does not need to be a tennis fan to enjoy this incredible account of life as a child prodigy, early professional tennis champion. I, for one, know nothing about tennis and adored this easy to follow autobiography of Andre's life, according to Andre. As a young child growing up in Las Vegas Andre Agassi finds himself under the thumb of his demanding, perfectionist, overachieving father. He is sent away to the infamous Bollitierri Academy in Florida and drops out of school by the 9th grade, a regret he is constantly at odds with throughout the book. He goes on to have a rollercoaster career filled with emotions the public rarely gets to hear about. His friends and family support and love him but it is not easy. It is never easy, and maybe that makes you stronger but it also wears you down way too fast. His honesty is humbling and one could only imagine how exhausting putting this autobiography together must have been. Kudos to Mr. Agassi, his loving family and fans that will always remember the good old days with him.

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  1. Since I do not know much about tennis, I hestitated to read this memoir. However, since reading all about Andre's world, I now know that it is a very competitive and hard career. His childhood and adult life are very interesting. I recommend it highly..good reading