Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Castaways

The Castaways   By Elin Hilderbrand   On beautiful Nantuket island, a group of friends experience a trauma that affects their lives, relationships and future. Jeffrey, Delilah, Andrea, Chief, Phoebe, Addison, Tess and Gregg. And if you can't say that 10 times fast and then include their childrens names, you may not be able to follow the story. Seriously, the story follows the lives of these 4 couples who are best friends and neighbors on this seemingly private island. Gregg and Tess, too perfect to be real, drown in a sailboat accident, a fact that is given to the reader on the book flap. As the details unravel, so do the love affairs, lies, betrayal and guilt that each friend carries after this tradegy. The characters are interesting, but there are too many. The lists of names and details is dizzying and repetitive. The setting is quaint, the issue of which couple will care for the orphaned children is interesting and the small mystery that unravels as each friend deals with their personal connection to the couple and guilt of not having prevented this accident keeps the pages turning.


  1. I will get the book because I visited Nantucket last September and it is an island I would visit again - there is only one main town and I wandered over cobblestones to the archives (can't remember its name or what I was looking for) left my carryall at a restaurant and found it, thanks to my daughter who traveled with me. We caught the ferry in Hyannis where we were staying while researching our roots. Love your music, I'm a newbie for a little over a week but must learn how to add music!!

  2. Hope you enjoy!!! Let me know if you like it! I am now reading Cutting for Stone and it is excellent. Will post review soon!