Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Museum Guard

The Museum Guard   By Howard Norman        Unique is a nice way of labeling this book just plain old strange! It is the mid 1940's in a small, very quiet town in Halifax Nova Scotia. The main character is a very odd DeFoe Russet who lives with his Uncle Edward. They both work as guards at the Glace Museum which displays small shows of art. DeFoe is in secret love with Imogen Linny who is the caretaker of the small jewish museum, none of them are jewish. There is absolutely nothing about her that is remotely normal. In fact they are all alittle crazy! Yet, as only an avid reader can understand, the writing is excellent and the author somehow manages to keep the readers confusion at bay. Imogen is in love with a painting showing at the museum. This book is different but I cannot say I would have put it down without finishing. Would I read another of his books? I have to say maybe.

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